• Corn-Silage: with a chopper, as you are used to do
  • Corn Cob Mix: Combine with corn header

If you want to harvest the corn-straw as well you need a speacial corn header (eg from Geringhoff or New Holland). These corn headers do not chop the straw but lay it in sweath. Now you can pick it up with a chopper and put it in silage. That makes excellent subtrate for biogas.

The video shows the process with the New Holland corn header “Cornrower”:

Proterra fescue undersown crop:
You can harvest the Proterra fescue in April and chop it. It makes a perfect silage and may be used as substrate for Biogas. Please note: Proterra can not be used for hay or silage for animals. It simply does not taste.

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