Plant protection

  • Important notice: quitch/wild rye must be eliminated before seeding/planting. After planting Proterra and Dumka quitch/wild rye can not be sprayed.
  • At the 3 to 6 leaf stage you may use a special mixture of herbicides to stop Proterra from growing. Dumka HS corn can now grow and close the gaps. After a while Proterra will slowly start growing again.
  • Important: do not spray in parts. Once you sprayed Proterra it needs time to recover. If you then spray a second time it is likely to die.

Fertilize Dumka HS maize and Proterra fescue as you are used to with your corn. Fairly simple.

On delivery you will also get an easy and short manual on how to plant and manage Dumka HS in combination with Proterra. This also includes the mixtures of herbicides you can use with Proterra.

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