Ertragssark als Silomais, Körnermais & Biogasmais

Corn with big cobs and high in biomass: Dumka HS

For german farmers corn is the most important crop right after winter wheat. We need it for the nutrition of our animals (cows, bulls and pigs).

Futhermore approx. a third of the total corn yield is used for the sustainable production of ernergy in biogas plants.

For Farmers the most important questions for choosing the right variety are:
•    How is the dry matter yield?
•    Does the variety fit to the climate in my region?
•    How is the susceptibility to diseases?
•    Is the variety suitable for corn silage/production of corn grain/biogas production?

Don’t you sow just any variety!

Look at the price/perfomance ratio. At the moment the seed prices are rising more and more…

My recommendations for you:
Dumka HS (FAO K230/S240): The low-priced all-rounder for corn silage, corn grain and biogas production
Kosmal HS (FAO K260/S270): High dry matter yields (up to 21,3 t/ha), recommended for corn silage and biogas production