Cover crop Proterra

Rohrschwingel als Maisuntersaat

Proterra corn undersowing

Proterra is an undersowing grass perfect suitable for corn.
An undersowing that does not reduce corn yields and  furthermore offers some advantages.

Due to its well developed root system and thick plant cover Proterra will improve your ground’s riding quality during corn harvest.

In addition it is going to protect your valuable soil against erosion and its cultivation satisfies the greening conditions.

And the best thing about it is: Its sowing does not need further working time.

Proterra tall fescue as corn undersowing    
Proterra is a tall fescue that goes very well with corn (especially with  our variety Dumka HS) due to it’s tolerance of shady places. As a close-growing plant it provides a better riding quality during corn harvest and saves the soil form erosion.

In spring Proterra’s biomass can be used as substrate for the biogas plant or as green manure.

Advantages of Proterra undersowing

1.    Saves your valuable ground from erosion
2.    Due to its distinctive root system it protects the soil against extreme wetness
3.    Also suitable to green manure
4.    Great juvenile growth
5.    Usuable as co-substrate in biogas plants
6.    Very winter-hard
7.    Long lasting growth till late autmn
8.    Early growth in spring
9.    Takes up surplus nitrate, reduces leaching (optimizes N-balance sheet)
10.  Satisfies greening conditions (factor: 0,3)

Proterra in detail
Period of use:  annual
Intensity of use:  1 cut or as green manure
Composition:  mixture of tall fescue
Sowing density:  5 – 10 kg/ha, for higher yields in spring: 10 –  15 kg/ha
Sowing depth:  1 –  2 cm
Sowing : in combination with corn seed bed preparation or application of organic manure
Packaging unit: 25 kg sack