Fleet MIX

Fleet MIX is a mixture of 90 % Fleet/McBeth (Bromus biebersteinii) and 10 % orchard grass.
Fleet/McBeth belongs to the family of the true grasses (Poaceae). It’s origin is the sunny and arid southern Europe.
It is used for grazing, grass silage or the production of hay.

Fleet shows high yields of beyond 13 t DM/ha in three cuttings – even during long hot summers . Those great yields were confirmed by the results of scientific experiments.
That’s why Fleet MIX is absolutely suitable for usage on both pastureland and arable land. It shows a great juvenile development and later on a thick vegetation cover.
Especially for cattle, sheep and horses Fleet MIX is the perfect grass. The usage as co-substrate for the production of sustainable energy in biogas plants is also possible.

Fleet MIX trockentolerante Gras-Mischung

perennial grass mix

The advantages of Fleet MIX:

•    Extremely resistant to drought
•    High dry matter  yields (up to 13 t DM/ha)

•    Perennial  – single planting,  at least 5 years of harvesting
•    Winter-hardiness combined with early growth
•    Goes well with organic manure
•    Suitable for pastureland and arable land
•    Strong juvenil growth and thick plant cover


 The following video contains some information about Fleet MIX (german language):