(50% organic, 50% minearl)

1. year spring (seeded in autumn):

  • Ca. 25m3 digestate, 40 kg N + 30-40 kg sulfur mineraly, as a vegetation-starter ,
  • 50 kg N minerally earlyApril
  • After 1. cut (early July): 30m3 digestate
  • After 2. cut (October): 20-25m3 digestate

2. year

  • 20-25m3 digestate (Vegetation-starter and after every cut)
  • 50 kg N + 30-40 kg sulfur as vegetation-starter

Plant protection:
Weed control can be done with herbicides that are normally also used für wheat

A few hints:

  • Alkar EnergyGrass is winterhard and starts growing early in the year
  • Alkar EnergyGrass has a long growth period, up to October
  • Alkar EnergyGrass can be used for a long time, year after year
  • Alkar EnergyGrass is slow to establish in the beginning. Full yields will be harvested from the second year onwards
  • Nitrogen additions greatly increase production and the amount of cover.