Alkar EnergyGrass

vorteileAlkar EnergyGrass (Agropyron Elongatum) is a Tall Wheatgrass. The origin of Tall wheatgrass is the mid and eastern parts of Europe and Russia. It is a tall, vigorous cool season grass.

It was long forgotten in Europe but overseas farmers and universities grew and tested new varieties.

Tall wheatgrass is now rediscovered as a renewable resource for Biogas. In academic studies about energy crops in Germany Tall Wheatgrass shows remarkable yields in terms of dry matter and gas yields.

The advantages of Alkar EnergyGrass:

  • up to 20 t/ha dry matter yields
  • higher gas yields than maize: up to 384 nl/kg oTS Methanyield
  • winterhard up to -30 Celcius
  • early and long growth up to mid/end October
  • perennial, once established it can be used for 5 years and longer
  • cost effictive growth – 282,70 Euro per hectar chepaer than maize
  • normal machinery can be used for harvesting