Grasland Mix Inbos A1

Inbos A1 AckergrasInbos A1 short term ley
Inbos A1 is a mixture of Italian Ryegrass cultivars (Lolium multiflorum) for the short term use. It consists of the varieties ‘Lemtal’ (50 %) and ‘Bartrento’ (50 %), two powerful cultivars.
Rich in nutrients, tasty and proven over a long period

‘Lemtal’ is a tried and tested variety of Italian Ryegrass. Both in experiments and practice it has shown great yields over and over again.
As a diploid grass it shows excellent winterhardiness which means high yields in spring. Experiments showed yields up to 20,6 t/ha in 5 – 6 cuts. The average yield was 16,5 t /ha.
‘Lemtal’ is very stable which makes cutting and ensiling easy.

Both ‘Lemtal’ and ‘Barmega’ are medium maturing varieties. Sown in August they still provide one harvest in autumn of up to 4 t/ha.

The perfect partner for ‘Lemtal’: ‘Bartrento’
As a tetraploid Italian Ryegrass ‘Bartrento’ is very long lasting and produces high amounts of biomass very fast which leads to high yields.

The advantages of ‘Bartrento’:
• high dry matter yields
• high sugar content. Therefore high energy content
• great resistance to drought – an important characteristic because of the increase of dry spells in europe
• very tasty and digestible – ideal animal feed
• rich in nutrients – a must-have for healthy and fertile animals