Grasland Mix Pasturo A3

Weidelgras als GrünfutterGrassland crop mixture Pasturo A3
Perennial, productive and perfectly combined: the grass fodder mixture ‘Pasturo A3’

The perfect sowing date of Pasturo A3 is August to September right after the main crop. This period allows Pasturo A3 to show great growth until autumn and a good performance through the winter.

Just imagine a grass fodder crop that…
• shows a great juvenile development and is therefore not susceptible to weed competition
• can be used perennial (2 – 3 years)
• is high yielding – up to 15 t/ha with 4 – 5 cuttings
• represents good feed for your animals (Hybrid ryegrass is rich in water soluble carbohydrates) – for healthy and fertile cows showing high production performance
• offers economical high quality basic fodder to cut the costs of milk production

…that’s what Pasturo A3 is about.

And the best thing is: Due to the combination of perennial ryegrass variaties ‘Barsintra’ and ‘Toronto’ aswell as the hybrid ryegrass ‘Barvitra’ Pasturo A3 shows a thick sward – well qualified for grazing.
But that isn’t still all.

Because of the fast and very productive growth of the chosen varieties the sowing densitiy is lower compared to other grass fodder mixtures. Using Pasturo A3 35 to 40 kg is enough for a hectare. Recommendations for the sowing of other comparable perennial grass fodder crops are at least 10 – 15 % higher. That’s why you’re saving money while using Pasturo A3.

Pasturo A3 consists of:
• 20 % Perennial ryegrass ‘Barsintra’ (2n)
• 22 % Perennial ryegrass ‘Toronto’ (2n)
• 29 % Hybrid Ryegrass ‘Barvitra’ (4n)
• 29 % Italian Ryegrass ‘Lemtal’ (2n)